Significance of Margazhi(Tamil) Month

Margazhi month is considered auspicious because in Bhagavat Geetha(Holy book of Hindus), Lord Krishna says that he will be as the "Margazhi" in that month.

Among the 12 months ,God resides in the Margazhi month.Hindus dedicate the whole margazhi  month of 30 days only to God's worship and avoids keeping marriages and other functions in their home.

It is the best month to worship and get God's Blessings.

In the early morning,special poojas,prayers and bhajans will take place in temples throughout this month.
Lord vishnu sitting on snake
Lord Vishnu

What I can do this Margazhi month to get God's Blessings?

Early morning(Brahma Muhurtha 4AM - 6AM)) wake up, &

Visiting to the near-by temple

Reciting Thirupavai and Thiruvempaavai

Offering Naivedhya

This is the best month to make God hear our prayers.

It has been proven scientifically that the OZONE layer will be closest to the earth during the month of Marghazi,so breathing the fresh early morning air is very good for health in the margazhi month.

*Tiruppavai is a part of Divya Prabandham, comprising 4,000 verses. It composed by the Andal Nachiyar. Andal is also one among twelve azhwars. The lyrics of the  Tiruppavai are considered sacred.  Tiruppavai is considered equivalent to Vedas and it consist of Thirty pasurams

Tiruppavai was composed and sung by Andal in margazhi month with an aim to attain Lord Vishnu.She also observed  Pavai nombhu. Many thousands of years ago, Gopikas observed fasting to attain Lord Krishna. They meditated upon Goddess Kathyayani and observed fasting . Andal followed the same principle while she took birth in bhooloka as the daughter of Periyazhwar to attain Lord Vishnu.

Reciting Thirupavai is good in general.Particularly to get good husband Thirupavai is the best composition to recite.

*Thiruvempaavai on Lord Shiva was composed and sung by Manickavasagar. In these verses, the saint visualized himself  as a Women and sung in the praise of  Lord Shiva during the early hours in the Margazhi month.

Like these great people we too can get God's blessings if we follow them.

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