Healthy Toran to decor your Doorway

Natural Toran is made using mango leaves, neem leaves and marigold flower tying to a rope.It is a cheap way to decor your doorway.

Artificial torans are also available in plenty.It serves only decorative purpose.

Natural torans helps to create healthy environment.The green and yellow(fragrance of flower) in toran gives pleasant feeling and refreshes the mind.

Mango leaves and neem leaves are used because they are very effective in the photosynthesis process(takes in carbon dioxide and gives out oxygen)in comparative to other plants.

In short,They  act as air cleaners by replacing harmful carbon dioxide with life-giving oxygen.

Tying Green leaves in doorway attracts the insects and stops them from entering into home.Neem leaves acts as an insecticide and  keep away insects.

Tying mango and neem leaves in doorway stops evil powers from entering the home is a belief.

The fresh mango leaves in torans when got dried can be stored and used effectively. It wont turn bad or emit any foul smell.It becomes old and brittle but wont emit any bad smell. It has this intrinsic quality.

Tying mango leaf torans reminds both occupants and visitors to home to do good things(emit a fragrance) if possible  and definitely not to do bad things(emit a foul smell) is a belief.

The dry mango leaves can be used for treating certain ailments. The paste of dry mango leaves mixed with coconut oil can be used as first aid for cuts and wounds.It also helps to stop bleeding.Chew/Apply Neem Leaf Extract- indigestion,constipation,bad breath,diabetics,used as face pack to cure pimples,soothes minor skin irritations, burns and insect bites.

The air that crosses the neem leaf( antibacterial and antiviral properties)is purified of viruses and bacteria.

Use neem toran and breathe pure air.

house door with marigold flowers and leaves tied

It is beleived that Lord Mahalakshmi resides in the front door of every house. On festival days, tying torans using  Green leaves is to welcome Lord Lakshmi to enter and stay in our home forever.Green leaves bring auspiciousness, fertility, prosperity, health and wealth is a belief. 
In every house, Vak Devatha( the Goddess of speech)also resides. This Vak Devatha says Thathasthu to each and every sensitive words we utter. If we bless others with good/bad words, it will says Thathasthu(which means let it happen).

As human,sometimes if we talk bad words,The mango leaves tied in the front entrance as breeze flows through it  and negativates those words is a belief. 

Belief followed traditionally - At the wedding, the mango leaves are tied around the temple premises or the hall where the wedding occurs remind those coming to bless the couple that they should not “foul up” the happy and sacred atmosphere.  Whatever problems or grievances they may have should be left outside the temple or hall and once they enter inside, they must emanate positive thoughts only.

Mango leaves are widely used in marriage ceremonies as these leaves are considered as Kama or fertility God is another belief.

Tying torans and its dual aspects:oneside traditions and beliefs otherside naturally decorating the doorway and healthier too.

These are the traditional and health facts behind mango torans.

small CHANGES can makes our life better.

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