Prayers with Burning Desires

In Sripuram,Goddess Rajarajeshwari was sitting on a Golden Throne ( rathna simhasana) with her feet immersed with crores of flowers.

Sage Thurvasar came to take darshan of Goddess.On seeing her feet covered with plentiful flowers, he asked Goddess," Which King had prayed you with crores of flowers"? He also commented that you must have definitely got happy by his act.

Goddess replied,Sage,"If you want to see how happy I felt with his act,remove the flowers and see my feet."

Thurvasar did as she said and got shocked to see pearl like boils all over her feet.

Who did this injustice to you, Mother?

How your feet got wounded, asked Thurvasar?


Goddess replied, it is Lord Indra who prayed me in this way.The blistering heat of the flowers he offered wounded my feet.

Thurvasar asked,"How flowers can be boiling, Mother"?

Goddess replied, He never offered flowers for me..With crores and crores of desires,he prayed me.On every flower he kept a desire and offered me.So they are not flowers..they are his burning desires.


Devotion and prayer mustn't be for fulfilling one's own desire.. It is an selfish act.
 Pray for world's well-being and goodness of all creatures.

Bad thoughts and burning desires creates agitation in mind.
Desires can create positive energy and motivation,until it is good.But greediness and trying to hold/possess thing or a person will make our mind toxic.

So everyone must try to develop good thoughts and do good deeds to stay cool,calm and peaceful.


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Your Character is your Race - Moral story

This is a short story about "Senthan Amutharar" who is a great devotee of Lord Shiva.

Approximately 1200 years ago, "Senthan" lived in Chidambaran, in India.He is a woodcutter.His daily income was not much.But, inspite of that, daily he offers food strictly to one Lord Shiva devotee,  before he partakes his food.

Once there was a heavy rain and he lived in utter poverty.That time a sivan-adigalar(a Lord Shiva Devotee) with dripping clothes in rain came to Senthan in hunger requesting for food.But Senthan himself was living in empty stomach for many days.

To his surprise, he had some rice flour and jaggery with him.So he happily mixed both and made it into small balls(which is called kali in Tamil) and offered him.

The delighted sivan-adigalar ate it happily with content and  packed the leftover kali in a towel and took with him,

The next day, King Chola  visited Lord Nataraja temple.He got shocked on seeing God's mouth smeared with kali, spilled all over the body.That night God himself came in King's dream and told proudly about Senthan's act of giving kali to him.And he also added that King could understand the greatness of Senthan in chariot festival.

lord nataraja.jpg

The next day, thousands of people jointly tried to move the chariot but they couldn't. That time a Godly voice from sky informed 'If Senthan sing's "pallandu song" chariot will move'.Accordingly Senthan started the song saying "mannuga thillai" and at the same time chariot also started to move.King immediately felled in Senthan's feet and worshiped him.

The day Senthan offered kali to God is "Thiruvathirai" festival(also called Arudra Darisanam) which comes in Margazhi month.And that's the reason even today we are offering kali to  Lord Shiva on that day.

Through Senthan God conveys "Your Character is your Race" moral to the world.

A person cannot belong to inferior/superior race, just because he/she born in a particular ethnic group.It is only his/her character which decided his race.


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